Thanks to their natural curiosity and being positioned so freakishly close to the ground, little kids are constantly getting into (or trying to get into) gross things.
There's a reason Purell sounds so much like "pure hell."
And, just as it's nice to have a stationery wardrobe, it's nice to have an assortment of hankies. Men can choose plain cotton or linen ones, while women may prefer flowered, patterned, or lacy ones. For the height of elegance, have your handkerchiefs monogrammed.
Today I had an experience that made me very emotional. It would not seem like a big deal to most, but it was to me. For (what seems like) the 100th time, I left a family party because one or more of the children at the party were sick.
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Parents teach their kids many lessons, but at the same time, parents gain wisdom from their children.
My germ-phobia started at age 10 when my father contracted hepatitis from some tainted water in my hometown. Because it was a highly communicable disease, my mother had my brother and me on high germ alert. We washed our hands so much, we put Lady Macbeth to shame.
Consider that the flu virus can survive for two or three days on computer keyboards, germs live on our hands for two to 24 hours and we touch our hands to our faces -- the germ super highway to our guts -- once every three minutes.
Howie Mandel isn't surprised fans may have thought his hospital trip on Monday to treat an irregular heartbeat was an elaborate