gestation crates

A new study shows the public doesn't like pregnant pigs being kept in tiny crates.
New animal welfare commitments scrap confinement crates for pregnant pigs and promise cage-free eggs by 2020.
Among them: that suppliers to Walmart and Sam’s Club should ensure their animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort
In the pork industry and in much of animal agriculture, it's actually the female animals who are the most abused.
“We would rather not serve pork at all, than serve pork from animals that are raised in this way.”
We've called on major food retailers to get on board with the principles of Prop 2 and to adhere to a cage-free standard, and Starbucks is today committing to do this and more.
As sponsor of legislation banning the cruel practice of gestation crates where pregnant sows are forced to live most of their lives without being able to stand up and turn around, I challenge Governor Christie to prove me wrong.
Brazil struck a body blow to inhumane sow gestation crates this week with two major announcements. Under the agreements, pork producers will be provided with training to facilitate their successful transition to more humane group housing systems.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faces a threat to his brand of "straight talk" and "no nonsense" with the full-blown national controversy over his veto last year of a bill to ban gestation crates, and his apparent recent pledge to an Iowa pork producer to veto a revised version of that bill
Violence toward pets is an all-too-common form of violence in our society, and one that also deserves no tolerance.