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“The majority of Americans are just one emergency expense away from being broke.”
Question: Dear Steve, After 12 years of schooling to obtain a doctorate in veterinary medicine as well as a masters in public
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Both for-profit and non-profit colleges and universities are going to come under much more scrutiny very quickly as more
If I was right in reading the tea leaves about the regulation allowing people to apply for federal student loan forgiveness when they were defrauded, then I would bet the government will be closing that door soon.
Rather than spending your life energy to hide from the collector, it would be more beneficial to come forward with a real plan to deal with the situation.
So is your request unreasonable? I'm not sure about unreasonable, but it might be unrealistic. Answer: But when it comes
The real question everyone needs to ask is at what point do you sacrifice a safer financial future to attempt to remedy an unfortunate past financial situation? To understand the role and/or strategy of this approach you have to apply math and reality rather than just emotion and assumptions. Which do you think your banker is using?