Get Your War On

Cartoonist, humorist and hilarious TV show host David Rees joins us for the fourth installment of "TL;DL" in which we discuss
Barack Obama's re-election heralds the end of an era: the white man era. And Mr. Notebooks knows it. That's why he disappeared
For an Obama supporter, Tuesday's win just isn't as sweet unless you've thoroughly gloated to a Republican. Don't believe
President Obama and Mitt Romney have only met face to face a few times over the last year. Besides the three debates, they
Much like the rest of us, the gentlemen of Get Your War On are showing signs of election fatigue and they're beginning to
This week, Get Your War On meticulously recreates what every Obama supporter has experienced at the office since the president's
Ok, sure, Mitt Romney said some pretty negative things about roughly half the country at a fundraiser and it was caught on
The last time we caught up with our favorite office drones they were realizing how much better banks have it than the average
When last we left our two office drones, they were in the throes of RNC passion... at least one of them was. Now that the
Where were we? Back in 2008, Get Your War On, David Rees' clip-art comic that mercilessly satirized the war on terror, became