Airbnb for cars could change the way we get around, but traditional rental car companies want to put the brakes on these industry start-ups.
“Chicago is a natural fit for Getaround,” Sam Zaid, CEO and founder, said according to a release. “We believe that the city
Jetting around the globe is a wonderful way to gain a better appreciation of our planet, but it bloats your carbon footprint, which isn't good for the Earth.
Are the days of hopelessly waving one's hand in the air as occupied cabs stream past finally over? A new crop of startups
In the United States, there is one car for every 1.2 people. And buying a car is often one of the largest expenses we'll
Getaround is essentially a crowdsourced ZipCar: a peer-to-peer car rental site that lets anyone rent his car to anyone else
Collaborative consumption market places are everywhere: media, car rental, lodging, staffing, textbooks, apparel, custom graphic design and even finance.