getting a divorce

If your divorce is already a "done thing," there are three things you can do that REALLY will help you get over this faster. WARNING: Some of them seem counter-intuitive!
I didn't believe in divorce either. I believed in commitment. In working things out. In staying together. However, my husband did not feel the same way.
I remember the exact moment in my life in which I became an adult. Before it happened, I had assumed adulthood was quantified by credentials, like having a high school diploma, a driver's license, or a job.
Some divorce stories are really, really sad, some are confusing, some outrageous, some infuriating, and some horrifically shocking. But, I have found that there are some with happy endings, and some that are inspiring and hopeful.
It's hard to know who floated away first. Whose breath expired. Who stopped yanking the other back down. The only thing I do know: The party is over.