getting a raise

If you ask for a raise, you have a pretty good chance of getting one.
Getting a raise is mostly about timing for the company, industry standards and, of course, good performance. But it often comes down to one simple thing: asking for it. And next year, you may have to.
Forty percent of Americans leave paid vacation days unused each year. That's not just bad for their tans -- now it's bad for their careers too. A new study shows those who take vacations are more likely to be promoted and get raises. Beach, anyone?
On the biggest turn-offs in an interview: Let's say you suspect that what you would really like to make may not be in line
Whether you or a man or woman, it's important to know your true market value and enter these conversations with confidence. Preparation is key and implementing some of the following steps can improve your chances of getting the salary you want.
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Euler has a few pieces of advice for workers of both genders who plan to ask for more money: Realize you're not going to
By Amy Shearn Just because your company has a salary freeze doesn't mean you can't score some lucrative employee perks.
Chances are that you accepted your current primary job with the initial salary offer. You were happy to get the job and you did not want to tick off your future manager so you accepted what was offered. You most likely are underpaid if that is what you did.
People are constantly telling me how they can't seem to get ahead or just can't get their boss to respect them. Is there some secret formula to it? Not really. Listen up as I explain how you can gain your boss' respect and start shaping your career for a better future in three easy steps.
Those who get tips as a normal part of their jobs often have the ability to write their own raise. It is one of the advantages to what are often seen as low-paid service jobs. Here are some of the ways that tipped employees boost their income.
SmartMoney Pay is inching higher, but far more slowly than prior to the recession. The average base salary increased by 2.7
Think you deserve a higher salary? You're not alone. Salaried workers (those not eligible for overtime pay) received an average
We're told over and over again that women are too reticent, too lacking in confidence, too timid to ask for a raise. But we are asking. And we have proof.
So many people are afraid to ask for a raise. You are not alone when feeling anxiety about the issue. But you need to remember it is not your boss' money, so don't be such a wuss! You need to go after it; things typically don't land in your lap so speak up and be direct.
Sucking up causes your co-workers and bosses to feel razor-sharp and valued, and when they feel razor-sharp and valued, you can win them to your point of view.