Getting Fired

Here are five simple steps towards making your layoff a success story:
I got the job anyway and made more money in my first month than I had in a year of writing that stuff. I bought suits. I
Bridges that are built with shoddy material are destined to crumble. We all have to decide for ourselves whether a bridge is worth rebuilding.
Had you never fired me, I'm not sure that I would have made the changes necessary to perform well at the following summer's internship in public relations (yes, someone else actually hired me) or, really, any of the professional endeavors which followed. Failing my first internship taught me many things.
The lesson to be learned here is that nobody is entitled to any job; tomorrow can always be your last day no matter what you think.
Employee termination is a big topic that entrepreneurs don't get to read about very often or maybe don't want to read about very often. This is a subject that many would rather avoid until the moment actually arrives.
Me: "I don't think it's a problem. Once agreeing to take the project and a retainer fee was discussed, game on! Not only
'After 50, you have to chase your own brand, and become your own kind of leader.' This is Lori Bitter's advice to Boomers contemplating (or being forced to contemplate) a career reinvention.
The walk back to my apartment was long. I called my parents in tears and relived every misstep, looking entirely out of place in the midst of the morning hustle and bustle. But here I am one week later. It's possible that getting shit-canned was the best thing to happen to me in 2013.
Until recently, I struggled to put into context everything that went wrong for me that year and what role I played. Reflecting on what I've learned since then, I've come up with 5 broad themes I think sum up that chapter of my life.
Remember the Sex and the City episode where Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend broke up with her via sticky note? Firing someone with an e-mail isn't any better from an ethical point of view.
Your employer may claim that you can lose your right to your vested pension if you’re fired “for cause,” but it’s not that
Economic crisis is a time that couples and families operate best when they stick together and work as a team to find solutions to the problems that are under your control.
Consultant and Career Coach Joanne Tombrakos joins Caitlyn to offer some advice as to what to do once you get fired from your job.
Like every other scary thing you might be faced with in life, once you've experienced it and made it safely to the other side it's not as terrifying as when it's a big unknown. So what do you do if it happens to you?
If, on the other hand, you are sure that the other person really is the one who has created the problem, then here are some
It started out like any other day. Isn't that the way every "I got fired" story begins? Well, add me to the list.