getting older

We are free to be ourselves without the burden of the expectations of others.
The Sixteenth Hour: The Seventeenth Hour: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Hours: 12:00: I started off my birthday by filling
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Here are just a few examples of statements and questions that I have heard come out of my very own mouth (and from friends) in the past few weeks ... all of which I think immediately age you.
I think I am my mother's daughter, but that does not mean that I am a clone of her. She was unique, just as I am the only
Hey, let's face it... aging isn't all that it's cracked up to be. How can 40 be the new 30, and 50 be the new 40? Somehow we think the mathematicians are all mixed up. And even better... are they crazy? 60 is the new ... oh forget it.
Though I do feel slightly panicked when I look in the mirror and see one more wrinkle and one less eyebrow hair, I look at the rest of my life and feel a sense of contentment.
Peeking in at the lives of those around made me feel like I was drowning in the responsibilities and decisions that should be mine but are not, in fact, my own. And I wasn't going to allow people who were "over it" to put me under it.
Here I am, 40 today. And I don't feel all that old. There are days I do, of course. You know, when I try to get up too quickly from playing on the floor with my kids. Or when I catch my reflection in the mirror and see someone else's spotted, veiny legs where mine used to be. Or when I start spouting off unsolicited advice to people who are actually the age I like to think I am.
I'm no longer young. This awareness didn't hit me all at once, it occurred gradually over an extended period of time.
I recently read an interview (more like a Q&A) with author, Elizabeth Gilbert, in The New York Times In Transit section. Now while I wasn't one of those readers who went insanely gaga over EAT, PRAY, LOVE, I was inspired by her latest work, BIG MAGIC.
I've been reading a great deal recently about the things I shouldn't do, or should do, and it's pretty much the same thing. Apparently as a woman over 50 I fit into the top two categories of people -- women, and people over 50 -- whom others think they should be bossing around.
Each time something happens to me that reminds me that I'm heading into the third act of my life, I am startled and a bit annoyed. It's not that I didn't know these things would happen -- the memory lapses, the slight hair loss, tiring more quickly, sleeping less soundly -- I just thought they would happen, you know, later.
I'm officially in my 40s. I'm surrounded by teenagers. And I'm tired of fetuses on the internet telling me what to do. Some woman-child who thinks she's all grown up is going to tell me what I can't wear anymore because I'm too old? Seriously. F*ck that noise.
Yo, middle-age! You sure did sneak up on us. And, although we've been expecting you, my girlfriends and I can't help but feel offended by some of the nasty and mean shit you've brought along to the party.