getting sick

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It could be these folks know something we don't.
Bingo! That was a clear way of Ben telling her he was sick. Despite the question mark, he wasn't making inquiries. It's what
This wouldn't be possible without all of you!
Soap and water removes dirt and bacteria, while hand-sanitizing gels or wipes kill viruses. Wash your hands as needed throughout the day and before eating, and keep sanitizer at the ready for disinfecting.
About 440,000 people die in the United States each year as a result of a preventable hospital error. Despite the precautions
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PSA for anyone who plans on binge-watching TV until 2 a.m.
According to a recent study, fist-bumps are way cleaner than handshakes and high-fives when it comes to spreading germs. That's
In the second phase of that experiment, Gerba educated office workers about the proper use of alcohol gel sanitizers and
Of course, there's no substitute for that ineffable balance of "you poor thing" and "for your own good" that makes mom care so safe and comforting... but as the Hippocratic Oath says, there's no harm in giving it a shot, right?
Remember that annoying cold you just couldn't kick last year? The one that kept coming back like a string of Nightmare on
I recently came back from CES in Las Vegas, where one of the biggest trends coming out of the show was Digital Health. I was inspired, and I decided this would be a great New Year's Resolution. One week later I forgot everything I learned.