Getty Center

The flames have spread across more than 68,000 acres while consuming dozens of homes in their path.
The museum closed early after someone made a threatening call.
So my friends, if you haven't treated yourself yet to these three exceptional exhibitions at LACMA: do it now, in the first
Patti Smith gently rocked the Getty Center Saturday, April 30, performing two acoustic shows in honor of her "life-long friend" Robert Mapplethorpe, whose poignant artworks and photographs are on exhibit there and at LACMA through July 31.
In the same main gallery, there is another show-stopping video by Michal Rovner, Broshei Laila, 2012. But this one is projected
Through the heart of every true Southern Californian, there flows a passionate mixture of blood, salt water and gasoline. Kustom Kulture II is a celebration of this Life and Style.
"Miracles and Martyrs: Saints in the Middle Ages" will be on view from September 3, 2013 until March 2, 2014 at the Getty
Portions of this article appeared originally at At a cool $29.5 million, it's not for the
At 7:05pm, most of the fire appeared to be contained, reports the Los Angeles Times. Firefighters expect to have the fire
If you haven't heard of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, don't feel embarrassed, you are not alone. I was not familiar with his works either. And then, during one of my strolls through the Getty Center, I discovered an amazing life-size alabaster bust of a grimacing man.
The Getty Museum's exhibition "Paris Life and Luxury" is a chance to experience the opulence which filled the parlors of
The Larder at Tavern: To prepare for your evening on the Getty lawn, visit Suzanne Goin's Larder at Tavern for takeaway sustenance
If the Getty lies about the times its cafe stays open, do they lie about the importance of the art and artists they exhibit as well?
Getting Upper charges twenty-six designers with re-imagining a letter from the alphabet, using the illegibility and deconstructive nature of graffiti as their starting point.
For Earth Mamas: Nestled in the woods up in Topanga Canyon is the magical Theatricum Botanicum theatre. TB's Mother's Day
A sepia-tone image of a street in Opium War-era Peking looks dusty and motionless like an Old West boomtown after a shootout
WHO: Felice Beato WHAT: A Photographer on the Eastern Road WHERE: The J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Center 1200 Getty Center
These days,it's almost impossible to find a young architect who can draw freehand. To others, though, a computer and a pencil are simply two different ways of developing an idea. There are those who can draw, and those who prefer a computer.
If the Getty believed that the politics of Gérôme were reprehensible, it would not have mounted this show, but instead, it littered its own show with rationalizations to prove that it is fair and balanced.