The liberal CNN pundit traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to engage with the other side.
No one believes more in Donald Trump than Trump himself.
He also made a noticeable shift in his plan to make Mexico pay for a wall.
The GOP nominee is wounded and limping into Sunday’s debate. In this historically red area, some Republicans are concerned.
The Getaway Mavens continue to find the "Best Offbeat Escapes in the Northeast" - within a few hours drive of major cities
Today the Sons of Confederate Veterans 'celebrated' the confederate flag at the Peace Light Memorial on the battlefields
The city of Gettysburg also made the patch the default photo on its Facebook page. Designed in 2009, the patch was meant
When I was a scout on my first camp-out, each boy in the troop was assigned a task; some scouts were in charge of the food; some took care of the large canisters of Kool-Aid and water; some helped with tent raising; and others, usually at least one older boy along with a couple of younger scouts, were in charge of the fire pit.
All of this and more has been accomplished so that this national treasure will be sustained for years to come -- ensuring that the soldiers who fought here "shall not have died in vain."
The good news is many Americans, including our colleagues at the Aspen Institute, realize the importance of service -- both for the wellbeing of our society and for the growth and development of those serving.
You can watch the three-day event on a livestream here: Officially launched in 2013 at the Aspen Ideas Festival, The Franklin
New technologies offer boundless opportunities for us to increase the number of people serving communities, while budget-cutters in Congress threaten to end national service as we know it.
Memorial Day offers an annual remembrance of courage and sacrifice as well as the all-too-frequent foolish and counterproductive effusion of American blood. Most of the conflicts in which so many Americans died were fool's errands, wars which the U.S. should never have fought.
The quiet work of Ethel Kennedy lives on in the hundreds of young people she has helped find a better life.
Our top 10 historic battlefields are just a sampling of the places where we can pay our respects to the fallen. However, they stand out for the attention they pay to preserving and sharing the history that unfolded on these very spots.
Thorn's husband was caretaker of the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg, so after the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863), the work of burying the dead was left to Elizabeth and her father. Elizabeth was six months pregnant at that time.