People panned his choices as "an abuse of power," "criminally corrupt," and "a choice between illegal or sacrilegious."
The liberal CNN pundit traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to engage with the other side.
No one believes more in Donald Trump than Trump himself.
He also made a noticeable shift in his plan to make Mexico pay for a wall.
The GOP nominee is wounded and limping into Sunday’s debate. In this historically red area, some Republicans are concerned.
NATIONAL HARBOR MD Notable Frederick Resident: Francis Scott Key might have penned the famous Star Spangled Banner 50 miles
White supremacists didn't always use the confederate flag as a symbol. They didn't use it often from the late nineteenth
“If we changed [the patch], would we have to take our civil war memorial down?” Wuttke asked. The police chief and mayor
When I was a scout on my first camp-out, each boy in the troop was assigned a task; some scouts were in charge of the food; some took care of the large canisters of Kool-Aid and water; some helped with tent raising; and others, usually at least one older boy along with a couple of younger scouts, were in charge of the fire pit.
All of this and more has been accomplished so that this national treasure will be sustained for years to come -- ensuring that the soldiers who fought here "shall not have died in vain."