Gabriel Villalva was arrested after the bizarre incident was caught on camera.
The victim's sister was taking video with her phone when her brother fell.
Wai-o-Tapu, which is Māori for "sacred waters," is a geothermal wonderland located in Taupo Volcanic Zone. The area boasts
When I learned there was a place on this earth where there has been almost no measurable curiosity was piqued, and I booked a trip to this extraordinary place -- the Atacama desert in northern Chile.
Sometimes called "the other Galapagos" for its biodiversity, this island off the coast of mainland Yemen is home to the Dragon's
On Saturday, something strange came up at Rome's Fiumicino airport. No, we're not talking about Superman, but instead what
About 20 miles northeast of the tiny town of Gerlach, Nev., lies one of the planet's rarest oddities: a man-made geyser. Read
Iceland is a geologist's dream. In addition to volcanoes, the tiny island nation in the Atlantic has glaciers, craggy coastlines
In the season of the midnight sun, the light is both ethereal and intense, and touring Iceland is an absolute adventure. Those of us who live here sometimes need to be reminded that people come from far and wide to see things we take for granted.
2011-04-13-ice.jpgWe celebrate Iceland's spring thaw with these photos of waterfalls, geysers and craters.