ghost ship

Robert Jacobitz, who was scheduled to testify this week in the deadly warehouse fire trial in Oakland, California, died in a car crash, prosecutors said.
Derick Almena and Max Harris both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter over the warehouse blaze.
As officials finish recovering bodies, the district attorney is exploring the possibility of criminal liability.
That's not exactly the way it works in North Korea. The vessels are wooden, no more than 30 or 40 feet long. They're very
There were no ghosts in "The Ghost Ship." The actor who handled the acton scenes in "The Masked Marvel" serial went uncredited! None of the stars of "Double Indemnity" originally wanted to be in the film!
Formerly known as the Dickenson, the USS Kailua was sunk as a target by submarine torpedo fire, and its final resting place
She first set sail back in 1902 from Wilmington, Delaware, originally as a luxury yacht, commissioned by a wealthy railroad executive, J. Rogers Maxwell.
A Russian cruise ship abandoned and adrift in the North Atlantic has been located about 2,400 kilometers off the west coast of Ireland, according to a US intelligence agency.
It was then secured by the Atlantic Hawk, a supply vessel in the offshore oil industry, which managed to take the ship under
Though the vacant vessel remains afloat, in financial terms, it's a sunk cost; the owner's lack of interest stems from a
There's rumor of an ancient story of the privateer Dash, which was lost in a gale in 1815 off the coast of Maine. Since her disappearance, she has been sighted multiple times -- plain as day with her name visible on the hull.