Ghost World

Helprin's book is a tad precious, but Goldsman has no trouble shmaltzing it up in a way that undercuts the magic, while calling attention to the massive effort he needs to create the kind of wizardry that Helprin can do with a sentence or two.
"Modern Cartoonist: The Art Of Daniel Clowes" will show from June 29 until October 13, 2013 at MCA Chicago. HP: Are you in
Last year, I interviewed Clowes for the hardcover release of "The Death-Ray". When asked, "What are you up to?" Clowes responded
I first encountered Daniel Clowes's work as a sixth grader. A friend and I found some issues of Eightball in his older sister's bedroom that we "borrowed." They were unlike any comics I'd previously seen, which were mostly superhero stories.
At the SF International Film Festival, a cavalcade of cinematic talent was on hand to pay tribute to Ebert, whose love of all things movies has made him the icon of film criticism for three decades.
Two actors from Gone With the Wind--Evelyn Keyes who played Suellen O'Hara and Fred Crane who played Stuart Tarleton one of Scarlett's many beaus passed away in 2008.