GI Bill

The following are comments I made today at the Department of Education rule-making meeting on student loan issues. Many for
A filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission by troubled Bridgepoint Education raises questions about the
Business Leaders are pledging to take action for inclusion in professional circles and our greater communities.
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Previously published on Boston Globe. Trump University, it transpires, is more than a heartless joke. It is the canary in
Making public colleges and universities free only perpetuates the problem and relieves the pressure to make necessary reforms. It's a facile answer to a complex question.
Once upon a time this country thought big. We survived the Great Depression, fought the Second World War, rebuilt Europe on the Marshall Plan... and provided tuition-free education for college students.
"'The Commander' tells the story of a retired astronaut who rediscovers his lust for life. Viewers watch as the man, surrounded by memories of the golden age of space exploration, sits solemnly, deep in reflection. When his son hands over the keys to a new Audi R8 V10 plus, he gets behind the wheel and relives the thrill of a rocket-like ride under the stars.
The closure leaves 35,000 students without an educational path forward.
The twin towers were marvels in the 1960's, a time when America served up other engineering wonders like the first Internet