g.i. joe

The "Crazy Rich Asians" star has been tapped to star in the G.I. Joe spinoff "Snake Eyes."
Is it hot in here -- or is it just all of these flexing furry muscles?
Chris discusses the process by which IDW has been able to amass such an amazing roster of top drawer titles from topflight talent, and he also talks up one of IDW's latest projects: the impending relaunch of '70s-'80s fave Rom: Spaceknight.
The explosive scenes and dramatic music bear a likeness to the TV show.
Welcome to the first episode of the all-new Nostalgia Theater Podcast! As longtime readers of my site know, I've run a feature by that same name at my blog for many years now, so I decided it was time to branch out and "expand the franchise," so to speak.
6. Pope Francis said priests have the right during his proclaimed Holy Year to grant absolution for what? a. Blasphemy b
Meanwhile, the "Magic Mike XXL" star was only slightly more subtle when a fan asked what we've all been wondering -- "'Jupiter
The '80s epitomized great (and a few not so great) clothing styles. The shorts left little to the imagination, but kids today don't appreciate the natural air conditioning these provided.
You're in charge of what this person will be called for the rest of his/her life. And you have literally thousands of choices in hundreds of baby-naming books. It's a lot of pressure.
Armand and Autumn Rose Pogue aren't your average siblings. They have been on special covert missions, overcame health issues