giant magellan telescope

Specifically, he said: The announcement was made Dec. 4 by the European Southern Observatory, the multinational organization
Four hundred five years ago this week, Galileo Galilei demonstrated his new telescope to members of the Venetian senate in the Plaza San Marco. This presentation on Aug. 25, 1609, marks the birth of the astronomical telescope and the launching of a scientific revolution.
The work involved in creating the largest telescope in human history, the Giant Magellan Telescope, must be matched by the energy invested in inspiring and preparing future astronomers to use it.
The milestone of our third mirror captures more than a moment in time, it heralds a rapidly approaching period of discovery.
Full Segment: Recent data from NASA's Kepler space telescope suggests that billions of Earth-like planets are much closer than ever before imagined.
But even if a planet like Earth is only a stone's throw away, at 13 light years from us, how could we even see it with our