giant squid

“The old maps often showed serpents at the edge, with the warning ‘here be monsters.’ However, the ‘monsters’ are here, in our own backyard.”
The massive cephalopod tried to steal their catch.
Each of the creature's eyes is 3.15 inches wide, reports ABC. The aquarium has the animal on display in a windowed freezer
Other animals whose lengths were exaggerated include the Australian trumpet snail, which was thought to grow to about 36
It’s just one of two colossal squids being held at the country’s national museum, Te Papa. It weighs 770 pounds and each arm is more than 3 feet long!
We live on an ocean planet and the U.S. is an ocean nation. Our country includes more land underwater than above. It might behoove us to remember those facts as we set our country's spending priorities going forward.
The giant squid, a legendary sea creature rarely caught by humans, was netted by Shigenori Goto off Japan's Sadogashima Island
Monsters popped up all over the place in 2013. They came out of oceans, lakes and forests around the world. And they didn't
Like other giant squid, the one that washed ashore in Cantabria on Oct. 1, 2013, sported enormous eyes. Release the Kraken
One of the most elusive creatures on the planet was at the center of "Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real." After years of searching