Development and deforestation behind us, enveloped by the lushness of primary jungle, we're romping along a dirt track when we start waltzing gently to port. Within minutes it's graduated to a raucous grinding and we're rock 'n' rolling.
The rate might be particularly alarming to some, considering the fact that, as Ambar said wryly in the video, rainforests
"We need to do something, rather than having people go to Emergency Rooms for medical care. It would be much better and cheaper
In addition to the illegal plantations, legal pulp paper plantations have also been established along the banks of the gibbons
While it's practically impossible to find an animal species that's completely monogamous (unless you count the angler fish
Pre-gorilla poo eating, I'd been able to protect my daughter from the dark and perplexing side of life. But post poo-eating, everything had changed.