gif art

Further proof that there's nothing quite like an art historical meme to make you appreciate the beauty of traditional art.
Don't bother trying to work, because we know you'll never stop staring at these. His numerous works have received more than
Best hole in the wall The following collection features work from T.S. Abe
The resulting visions give us a taste of what life would be like if Wassily Kandinsky's oeuvre went all "Toy Story" on us
Street art, removed from the stuffy confines of a gallery's white walls and placed in the bustling city streets, could already
Check out some of his black magic below: h/t Engadget Weir, the art director at NYC's Droga5, used some photoshop trickery
Last November Erdal Inci's had us hooked with his mesmerizing cloned GIFs. Now the Turkish artist back with more endless
(H/T: ANIMAL New York) Michael Silber's hilariously awesome "Kaleidopope" is like a visit to the Vatican Museum on acid. Scroll
The GIFS by Matthew DiVito (a.k.a. Mr. Div) are no exception. You can certainly get lost in the amorphous, glowing shapes