gifted children

You probably have this image of me being a weird bookworm with no social skills, but I'm like any other normal, happy kid.
Parenting is not something you can prosper at. It’s not a thing that creates wealth or opulence.
For example, a study by K-12 educational research and policy expert Katie L. McClarty found that grade-skippers were more
Are you the parent of a gifted child? If so, you may feel obliged, on occasion, to push your child more academically. You
Forming a community of parents, writing about our agonizing moments of self-doubt and shame when we lose it and scream back at our screamers, allow us to feel less alone during the isolating and terrifying journey of raising babies and young kids.
I think he's brilliant because he's my child and every parent thinks their child is special in some way, right? Here's the truth -- maybe he is, maybe he isn't, it doesn't really matter either way.
One commonly held belief is that gifted students don't need help and will do fine on their own. This perception may be due to the empirical evidence showing that many gifted students do end up quite successful later in life.
I know this is not as normal now to skip a grade, and looked down for social reasons, but she already has social difficulties
Adults can do much to help children cope with traumatic news and imagery of violence. The first step is to begin coping with
Child is rude to you.  You don't want to talk anymore for a while.  You go do your own thing rather than continuing to engage