gifts for boomers

From feet to failing eyesight, through menopause and music, boomers, we've got you covered.
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Not these gifts!
We all know couples who go out for Valentine's Day a week early to avoid the higher restaurant tabs and who would never send
Romance is a lovely thing, but truth is, love can be expressed in many forms. And for many midlifers, a dozen roses is just
I am grateful for many things and have closets bursting with the excesses of my life. I need nothing, I want nothing, except my family's continued good health and love. But since telling people that doesn't dissuade them from gift-giving, here's a list of things I really absolutely don't want.
Menopause comes with many wondrous symptoms, but chief among them for many women are the hot flashes and mood swings that