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The legislation could force tech companies to consider workers who are now independent contractors as employees and provide them with additional benefits.
The New Republic seeks an editor to "rais[e] hell" about inequality — in a 29.5 hour "part-time," non-union, no-benefits position.
Your next boss could be an algorithm
In a country with one of the lowest rates of female participation in the labor market, the digital economy is enabling some women to become breadwinners
All this discussion of our current "gig" economy has probably got Jelly Roll Morton, Charlie Parker, and every other pre-sixties jazz musician rolling in their graves. I can hear them bellyaching: 'A gig economy? There ain't enough nightclubs to support that many gigs!'
Hillary Clinton's Innovation Army When a Mouse Dances With a Hippo Additionally, Clinton has revealed her small-business
The future of hiring is here; it's just not evenly distributed. That paraphrase of the Silicon Valley proverb from Alan Kay tells a lot about the problems in virtually every company.
The K-12 sector no longer pushes students toward post-secondary options that might not adequately prepare them for the new
Not thinking properly about the Future is why people who began working in 1938 are eating cat food for dinner today.  It's
The Accenture Strategy Study revealed that the newest generation of workers has distinctive needs and expectations from the
The gig economy is still part and parcel of the larger rigged economy -- where huge swaths of the U.S. middle class have remained economically stagnant for 20 years, union membership has been declining for decades, and income inequality has reached a 30-year high.
As a college student, summer means liberation from class and midterms, but it's also time for the often-dreaded hunt for an internship. Rather than gamble with internship-ception, ask the real question... "Is an internship even worth it?"
The gig economy tends to divide opinion quite roundly, with supporters saying it offers a tremendous level of flexibility and opportunity, whilst its detractors suggesting it offers a race to the bottom coupled with intense uncertainty.
Disruption is changing some industries, but she said it's time for worker protections to be disrupted too.
The Seattle City Council ordinance is mired in litigation in federal court about antitrust and federal labor law issues and
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Uber announced an agreement on Tuesday with a prominent union to create an association for drivers in New York that would
While the Proposition itself might have seemed confusing, the underlying principle was simple: Is all regulation really a