gig economy

The state law, which seeks to categorize many independent contractors as employees with additional benefits, could upend the companies’ businesses.
The legislation could force tech companies to consider workers who are now independent contractors as employees and provide them with additional benefits.
The New Republic seeks an editor to "rais[e] hell" about inequality — in a 29.5 hour "part-time," non-union, no-benefits position.
Your next boss could be an algorithm
In a country with one of the lowest rates of female participation in the labor market, the digital economy is enabling some women to become breadwinners
All this discussion of our current "gig" economy has probably got Jelly Roll Morton, Charlie Parker, and every other pre-sixties jazz musician rolling in their graves. I can hear them bellyaching: 'A gig economy? There ain't enough nightclubs to support that many gigs!'
When a Mouse Dances With a Hippo Even those around the world who don't favor America still see the USA as the land of opportunity
The future of hiring is here; it's just not evenly distributed. That paraphrase of the Silicon Valley proverb from Alan Kay tells a lot about the problems in virtually every company.
In exploring what education could and should look like in the decades ahead, we could find that: Working alongside smart