Gilbert Gottfried

And, yes, it sounds even nastier than the original (if that's possible).
The "Late Show" spoof shows one way to narrate the government's redactions.
Things pick up essentially where they left off -- Rudyard Funn and Eric Chapman, owner/undertakers of two rival funeral homes
It started with a comment from a comedian about playing on college campuses.
'Can We Take A Joke?' Clip
So why the gushing? It's not often you hear something authentic in this business. We're saturated with saccharine so anytime
Gottfried was surprised when the GOP candidate's momentum didn't peter out.
Gottfried's cackle maxes out a number of times during this episode, particularly when he asks his guest to recount being
The Disney classic "Aladdin" burst onto the screen over 20 years ago, and its legacy shows no signs of fading. Gilbert Gottfried
It seems I just recently reviewed Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast but I'm doing it again so soon because I simply couldn't resist his latest offering. A LIVE team-up of epic proportions in front of an audience at Caroline's in New York, featuring Gottfried and fellow comedian Lewis Black.