gillian flynn

The director and editor of the HBO miniseries, Jean-Marc Vallée, uses experimental techniques to center a captivating Amy Adams.
Explore entire worlds, in just around 200 pages.
Our absolute favorite part of Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl is when Amy Dunne rails against the concept of the Cool Girl
For those who think Amy Dunne is the scariest villain ever.
You blazed through Gone Girl. You ran out and bought Sharp Objects and Dark Places and read them in two sleepless nights. Now your sleepless nights are spent yearning for another Gillian Flynn book.
The public's obsession with not just missing girls but pretty, palatable missing girls is a through-line in Flynn's work. A female victim is immeasurably more sympathetic if she's adorable.
In classic Hollywood style, everything old is new again. They say the book is always better than the movie, but I'm of the mind that nothing's better than experiencing your favorite stories first on the page and again on the big screen.
"Dark Places" finds Theron alongside her "Mad Max: Fury Road" co-star Nicholas Hoult, as well as Corey Stoll, who plays Ben
Instead of using labels like 'crazy' to define a complex human being, these books present complicated characters who show us the nuances of mental illness.
Meanwhile, The Girl on the Train shows no signs of loosening its grip on the top spot, which it's held now for eleven weeks