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You have a few options this week, including a new Gillian Jacobs movie.
'Don't Think Twice' Deleted Scene
The melancholy comedy "Don't Think Twice" premiered at SXSW last week.
At first, it was very stressful and depressing. I remember Yvette Nicole Brown telling me she was packing up her trailer at one point during Season One because she was convinced we were going to be cancelled.
And we were so close to "six seasons and a movie."
I was struck while watching by how rare and refreshing it is to see a film like this in which a gay character's sexuality
What happens to a certain kind of codependent friendship when one member finds a significant other? Life Partners, the first film by Susanna Fogel, would like to answer that question. Instead it settles for sitcom setups and punchlines. 
"Undeclared" fans, your decade-long prayers have been answered and a new Judd Apatow-created television show is in the works