gilligan's island

Nelson followed in the footsteps of his father, Sam Nelson, who worked on cinematic classics such as “All the King’s Men” and “Some Like It Hot.”
The actor died from causes related to COVID-19 in Los Angeles.
I actually do know why the 100 Grand bars seem to vanish from your Halloween haul every year.
"If either one of us had been single ... there would have been some chemistry."
We are on a bus, which is carrying us to a port, where we will load up a ship. Nothing unusual about that. Nothing strange, except for our fat wool hats, our puffy penguin-y parkas, our knee-high insulated boots. Nothing weird but where we are: Punta Arenas at the southernmost tip of Chile. And where we are going: to the isolated, ice-walled bottom of the world.
It seems hard to believe that 50 years have elapsed since the debut of Gilligan's Island on September 26th, 1964. Virtually every baby boomer born in The U.S. was alive during the premiere.
We slept with our bedroom windows open and our blankets at our feet. We heard the conversations of passing teenagers and lovers through the windows, and we heard the drone and swoosh of the occasional traffic. We could hear the ballgame on someone else's radio.