When experts analyze what leads to success among ecommerce businesses, a few recurring themes come up. Those include expertise with online marketing, sales, copywriting, and more.
Many things in this country differ from state to state and how high ladies wear their heels is now one of them. Online luxury discount retailer Gilt conducted research into the average heel height for women across the US and the results differed by region.
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Randi Zuckerberg talks about expressing herself through fashion, her celebrity fashion role models (Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson make the list), and her favorite designers.
How can we as retailers prepare for and take advantage of the massive change technology has wrought on our industry?
On Tuesday I joined Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Tech Meetup to unveil We Are Made in NY, a program that celebrates over 900 locally based startups, and helps people find a job, learn to code, or launch a new tech company -- all with the full support of New York City government.
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"My name is JennyFromTheBlog91 and I'm a flash sale addict."
As e-commerce grows as a category most e-commerce companies are focused on women because they are the decision makers and the consumers
Along with the Infiniti JX, Gilt will also be kicking off a "March Madness" sale that includes tickets to the tournaments
Under the deal, influential Klout users get access to Gilt's flash sales at varying discounts: the higher a Klout user's
What else can the tech world do to engage more women to start and lead companies?
Online booking sites like and have been helping hotels fill empty rooms at steep discounts for years now. But with recessionary times, come recessionary opportunities to take advantage of consumer's penny pinching desires, and a rash of companies are jumping in the game.