For me, being disciplined enough to go through this simple exercise helps to alleviate stress as well as keep me on track
For example, you can construct a classy and trendy style by combing all your hair to one side and pinning it back or spraying
The holidays are a wonderful time to get in touch with your past and present by celebrating with family and friends. Much
It's been so fun growing up in the salon business and having a father that is incredibly talented. I have always felt blessed
Seasons and climates can have a great impact on not only how we style our hair but also on how our hair looks, feels and
Speaking as a professional, I can tell you that this is the time of year that it's really important to become organized at work as well as at home. Before we know it the holidays are going to be here and the craziness will begin.
In these two cities, we saw some common themes interwoven through both week's events as well as some fantastic looks that were unique to the runway of the city.
Emmys, Oscars, Grammys and MTV Music awards, you can be assured if there are super stars and red carpets involved, trends will be set. This is especially true when it comes to the beauty industry, particularly where fashion and hair are involved.
Rhianna was another standout appearing with four different hairstyles through the evening. She nailed the high 50s ponytail
New color will take better and have a richer tone in healthy hair. When the hair is damaged or dried out, the color has a harder time staying in the hair which can result in fast fading.