Gina Haspel

"There's not a smoking gun. There's a smoking saw," Lindsey Graham said.
The White House prevented the head of the intelligence agency from going to the hearing, Sen. Dick Durbin said.
Democrats had the power to block her nomination, but they couldn't stick together.
When he said he’d vote for the CIA nominee, he ensured that Americans will never get straight answers on torture.
Haspel looks all but assured to win confirmation in a vote before the full Senate.
Democrats have lost the debate over torture after two Democratic senators said they plan to back Haspel's confirmation.
She repeatedly refused to weigh in on its morality at her confirmation hearing.
“It doesn’t matter. He’s dying anyway,” Kelly Sadler said of Sen. John McCain, who is at odds with the president over his CIA nominee.
Cheney's comments come as lawmakers have scrutinized CIA director nominee Gina Haspel for her role in overseeing the controversial program.