Gina Ortiz Jones

The recently departed under secretary pushed through some of the most significant diversity and equity efforts at the Defense Department.
The historic under secretary wants to do more to retain mid-career women — and ensure that anyone willing and able to serve is welcome.
Democrats were on track to flip the seat in the 2020 election. It didn't happen.
Texas Republican Tony Gonzales dodged the question for two minutes straight.
"Their efforts to attack an Air Force and Iraq War veteran who served under Don't Ask, Don't Tell clearly backfired," said her campaign.
The GOP's congressional campaign arm appears to be instructing outside groups to remind voters that Gina Ortiz Jones is gay.
The Victory Institute says the number of LGBTQ Black people and Hispanic people holding elected positions has doubled in the past three yearsaccording to a new report from the LGBTQ Victory Institute.
The Republican eked out a victory last year against Democratic challenger Gina Ortiz Jones, who's already announced her plans to run again.
"Just seeing how Will Hurd continues to vote against this district, I felt called to serve again," says Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones.
The presidential hopeful faced a New Hampshire voter who questioned his refusal to support a fellow Texas Democrat for Congress in 2018.