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Republicans were concerned Raimondo wouldn't be forceful enough on the Chinese government and their espionage efforts.
Fauci, a longtime runner, has a tip for wearing a mask comfortably when hitting the pavement.
The words “Providence Plantations,” which have connotations of racism and slavery, have been take off government paperwork.
Gov. Gina Raimondo is demanding a two-week self-quarantine for travelers from New York state, the U.S. disease epicenter.
The governor has signed a bill to ban bump stocks and another to implement a "red flag" law.
Some states are requiring parents of teens to take a class before their children can get a driver’s license, a move applauded
While it's good to see Big Oil pull the plug on a bad idea, citizens must put pressure on their elected officials to make sure fossil fuels stay in the ground. That's what the residents of Prince George's County in Maryland did this month, convincing the County Council to pass a resolution banning fracking. The vote was unanimous.
The promo for the state showed a skateboarder in Reykjavik,
Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo is focusing on long-term projects that would help most people in the state, rather than "government by deal'' wherein powerful groups seek taxpayer help for their special projects.
Unsurprisingly, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo is getting pushback from interest groups against her goal of "reinventing Medicaid'' - the federal-state program for the poor. The Ocean State's Medicaid costs are America's second-highest per enrollee (Alaska is first) and 60 percent higher than the national average.