gina rodriguez

The Latina actor has frequently found herself in hot water for statements she's made about the Black community.
After she was called out for singing along to a slur, many people found the actor's initial response lacking.
The Gina Rodriguez-led series ended its five-season run, but the show's approach to Latinx representation, sex positivity and strong female leads is worth raving about forever.
The "Jane the Virgin" star's mental health experience is a reminder that you never know what another person is going through.
The "Jane the Virgin" star married Joe LoCicero and gave her fans a well-produced souvenir of the occasion.
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The "Jane the Virgin" actress is sending a young woman to Princeton with a full scholarship.
She'll also lend her voice to an animated series based on the globe-hopping character.
"I mean, 'Modern Family,' again, for the 12th year, same nominations?" Jaime Camil told Slate.
The actress wrote that the community's underrepresentation in Hollywood is "devastating" in an essay for Variety.
The actress did not mince words during her red carpet interview with E! News.
Things are about to get interesting on "Jane The Virgin."