ginger ale

Get through Dry January, a dry pregnancy or a dry whatever with these pre-made mocktails, spirits and aperitifs that provide the flavor without the booze.
This lovely dry ginger beer is best for ginger lovers as the ginger is potent. Great as a healthy tonic or add some rum and lime to make a dark and stormy, this beverage can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.
There's a certain comfort in a cold glass of ginger ale that I just can't deny.
Vernors: you're totally allowed to drink it with ice cream, it cures stomach aches and Amy Poehler likes it.
Hot soda is something we've never even thought of trying. Until now.
Warm, and full of puffing sailboats, and washing-machine clean. I am having a hard time believing this is New York harbor -- and that I am kayaking it.
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel like I've read the same glowing write-up 50 times. There's so much buzz about the plane it seems almost suspicious.
Vernors is a very sweet, pale golden ginger ale, but what makes it special to us are the bubbles.