"Looks like a great spot to get baked," said the city's parks director, who plans to leave the structure up, at least for a "while."
We can thank the Brothers Grimm and their cannibalistic witch.
The roof and walls are covered with 4,000 ginger bricks.
It's the star of the show at the Taste of London 2015 festival.
Do you love making gingerbread men but are tired of those ho-hum traditional styles of decorating? Then why not turn those
H/T My Fox Detroit The gingerbread party has also been useful in raising local awareness. On Dec. 20, about 20 creative gingerbread
You're using it a lot right about now, but do you have any clue what it is?
Please feel free to interact with the buildings: Nibble on the doors, have a bite of the gravel roads, lick the windows -- it's all edible!
Some make pilgrimages to find the first orange leaf of fall. But I am in search of December. North Pole workshops could be gearing up at this very moment. But that is secret stuff. Since I can't get a visitor's pass there, I've got a different plan.