Tess Talley faced backlash in 2018 when a photo of her posing, smiling and with gun in hand, with a slain giraffe went viral.
A review and public comment process could lead to import restrictions on hunting trophies and body parts from giraffes.
The newborn giraffe was on his feet within 45 minutes.
"Giraffes are strikingly beautiful animals .... Unfortunately, that beauty has also made them a 'new exotic,'" The Humane Society of the United States says.
As far as wedding photobombs go, this one is tops. 🦒🌳
Ricky Gervais and Debra Messing are among those condemning the big-game hunter.
Meet the newest member of Houston zoo’s giraffe family!
“Giraffes are the new whistleblower begging us for vigilance."
Giraffe numbers have declined by as much as 40 percent since the 1980s.
Two-month-old Cora and two-week-old Zoey, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's female Maasai giraffe babies, can be identified
I sometimes refer to myself as the bloopers explorer, because my blooper reel is always longer than my actual footage.
A rare subspecies is being slaughtered for use as a dowry.
The Giraffe Hotel is a hidden jewel on the east side of Manhattan at 26th and Park, once considered a neighborhood off the beaten track and now a gentrified area of shops and cafes, which if you know NYC is a neighborhood of beautiful architecture.