girl crush

When ya don't know if you wanna be her or be in her ...
Double standards are so pervasive in society today. A guy who romances multiple ladies is a straight-up boss, but a girl
For years, Kaling has been inspiring fans with her work both on page and on screen, and opening our minds with her razor
"When I heard that song, I never even thought about it being about a girl crush or a lesbian [romance]. And when I thought
Radio stations across the US are refusing to play the new power ballad by country music group Little Big Town because they say it’s “pushing a gay agenda”.
"The lyric of ‘Girl Crush’ is written in kind of a sexy way,” Fairfield said, per iHeartRadio. “So some people might turn
There have been almost too many sweet days to count for Little Big Town lately. The end of 2014 saw the release of the band's critically-acclaimed sixth studio album, Pain Killer, an invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry.
Herein lies the rub. I have a confession to make: I have a very conflicted relationship with Lena Dunham.