girl summit

At the Girl Summit, Cameron described the need for "a global movement that doesn't end here, a global movement that starts here." He and Sheikh Hasina should both do more to make that happen.
I am angry because we live in a society where discussing vaginas and FGM is simply not done. Thousands of girls in the UK alone have been subjected to this barbaric practice.
He questioned why a woman who had been cut would let her own daughter suffer the same fate, so we talked about societal pressures on women and girls. This small exchange was the cherry on top of a motivating few days at the world's first girls' rights summit in London.
Too many girls around the world reach adolescence and find their future is already mapped out. They never have a chance to finish school or get a job, or an opportunity to travel and experience life. It's time to give these girls the chance to write their own future.
While the debate is lively at the Girls Summit, we wanted to take a moment to bring attention to it here in America because it deserves a global spotlight in order to find a solution to end this practice. However, the extreme challenge with ending FGM is that most of those who practice it don't believe they are doing any wrong.
#WMN goes into the stories for, by and about women. This week, we look at Ray Rice and the NFL's domestic abuse problem.
It is the nature of news -- and, sadly, terrible events happening elsewhere -- that the Chibok girls, and indeed, more Nigerian girls who have been kidnapped since, are no longer in the global spotlight.