girlfriend's guide to divorce

Lisa Edelstein promises a satisfying series finale of the Bravo series.
As for the sex, I'm not going to lie. A 20-something body is a beautiful thing. He was fun, enthusiastic and all of those great things.
I'd been wondering how this devastation could be turned into positive creative energy (if you're a Julia Cameron fan, you'll get that). And there it was: write blog posts that would let other women going through a divorce know that they weren't alone.
Which movie soundtrack is your all-time favorite? I'm also adding funny to this category. Really funny, as in I actually
"There's just enough people into the big black girl thing that I can still pay my bills."
I think that the silver lining of divorce is that it offers a woman an opportunity to reinvent herself, mainly because if you think about it, she is forced to.
We make the best plans we can, but then we must do what feels horrible and unnatural to us; we must let go of that control. If you can let go of that intense need to control every little thing that's happening, you might gain something that was there waiting for us; peace.
If you are a girl or young woman, you are damned if you don't and damned if you do. If you refrain from any expression of sexiness, you may be written off as irrelevant and unfeminine. But if you follow the guidelines, you run the risk of being judged, shamed and policed.
I could not help but pick the brains of the fascinating Necar Zadegan (formerly of 24, you can now watch her on Bravo's new series Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce), with whom I had the pleasure of dining with in LA not long ago.
The topic of transformation following divorce often leaves me wondering. Do we need attorneys, custody arrangements, and divorce parties to evolve or reconnect with our authentic selves? Can we change without imploding a relationship?
I will look forward to watching Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce tonight (the show airs Tuesday nights on Bravo), and probably for the whole season. Not just because of my business, but I'm curious and I really care about Abby (which is a credit to Edelstein and the producers).
Check out the trailer above for more. The show premieres Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. In a nutshell, "Girlfriends
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The show is based on Vicki Iovine's "Girlfriends' Guide..." book series, and will follow an author of self-help books as