The first cases of poisoning were reported in November in the religious city of Qom.
ADHD may look different in girls — but when left undiagnosed, these kids miss out on treatment, understanding and support.
Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb said the legislation “falls short,” noting other states have had similar bills blocked by lawsuits.
Women have been taking to the streets for hundreds of years in the fight for liberation and equality. From the Women’s March in Versailles in 1789, through the Suffragette and Women’s Liberation Movements, to the global Women’s Marches of 2017, we take a look back through history at the times women have marched for change.
The TV writer and actor confirmed in April that they were dating.
There are more calls for an investigation after Jeffrey Epstein died of an apparent sucide in his jail cell.
“Sometimes the thing you’re most scared of being called is the best thing you can call yourself,” Dunham wrote of her new ink.
Kate Parker, author of "Strong Is the New Pretty," has a new book all about modern boyhood.
The Fearless Girl will now call the front of the New York Stock Exchange her permanent home.
How far have our daughters come if their equality is conditional and doesn’t extend beyond the classroom?