girls in sports

Jen Welter is encouraging women and girls to play the sports they love.
Coach Across America program is dedicated to promoting girls participation in sports. This year we celebrate the 30th annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day, a national observance celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women and girls in sports.
Girls today must be raised to be predisposed to taking action and competing in sports is still the best way to instill that lesson. Competing in sports teaches girls self-reliance and self-respect, two of the most important lessons for how to be an adult.
"I could stop it, I could just tell them not to do that, and yeah, they would stop," he says. And if a 9-year-old can get
The Little League World Series starts Thursday with a game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Davis, whose walk-up song is Beyoncé's
Swimming let me be competitive in a way that I wasn't in any other part of my adolescent life, which I think is a trait that's so critically important to encourage, particularly in young girls who are often taught to be nice, to compromise
In addition to being the team's point guard, Lilly maintains a 3.8 GPA and has dreams of being a lawyer and a WNBA player
Parents should put pressure on the DOE to publish a complete inventory of physical education curricula, time and space allocated to physical education classes, along with the number of qualified teachers for each school.
Despite our incredible progress over the years, we still have more work to do. Although our female Olympians broke through new barriers, future generations of American women are facing declining athletic opportunity.
Here's a quiz: Is it worse for a girl to tear her ACL playing soccer or for a boy to get multiple concussions playing football?