Girl's Night

They show unapologetic black women supporting each other through thick and thin, which can be rare to see in television and film.
In honor of the upcoming debauchery that is Halloween, I decided a creepily titled post was in order. Although despite the fact that 'they're out there' usually connotes something creepy to come, in this post, the reverse is going to be true -- I mean those three words in a good way.
Every woman has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of wine night. But what you might not know is that there are actually many benefits of drinking wine with the girls.
8. When you hear an iPhone alarm it's usually someone's birth control notification. 5. In high school you read everything
You have to plan to stay healthy and make wise choices. Get into a good mindset about you and your health. Determine to treat
Just like there's a special place in every woman's stomach that has room for dessert no matter how much she's eaten, there's a section in our hearts that our best friend just owns.
Sunday morning I woke up in a tiny twin bed in a condominium on Clearwater Beach. My first thought? Am I still five and this whole thing has been a dream?
I've always loved a good girls' night out, but lately, I've grown tired of the "out" part. That's why, instead of waiting forever to get into clubs or struggling to hear each other over loud music, my friends and I prefer women's nights in.
You try the usual grab-a-friend move but there's no rescue. Panicked, you give him the death stare and retreat. It's all
Monday nights are no longer for football. Instead, they're all about margaritas, cheese plates and fitness DVDS, if you're
I have never been a fan of "contrived" dating -- you know, any method that forces fate's hand when it comes to meeting someone. And before you feel compelled to tell me that I'll die alone, please don't. I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying it doesn't work for me.
Aren't all margarita drinks now infused with something? Kale? Bone marrow? Bacon?
I can't believe July is coming to a close, but there's no better time to embrace the powerful, confident single girl that