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For every progressive film or TV show made, there are at least a dozen more undoing its positive influence. One can watch an early '60s flick like Lover Come Back and find almost the same character attributes to females in a movie like The Other Woman, released this past April.
Allison Williams shows her dress off on E!'s glam cam.
Lena Dunham talks with Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes
HBO's "Girls" is known, among other things, to feature groundbreaking fashion. So when we learn that its cast follows a certain
The dress, a graphic printed peplum number, retails full-price for $1,165 -- not exactly budget-friendly for your typical
Season 1 left us with so many questions. The first episode of Season 2 couldn't begin to answer all of them, but it certainly gave us A LOT to discuss...
There was a time -- after "Juno" but before "The Wackness" -- when it seemed like Olivia Thirlby was going to be the next
"I think it's kind of sexier in a way not to have a perfect body," Lesley Arfin said, when StyleLikeU interviewed her at
Episode 5: "Are You F-ing Kidding Me?" While you're watching and reading the Twitter commentary, don't forget to look back
But Dunham told HuffPost TV in April, before the show even aired, that she wanted to make sure the "#whitegirlproblems" trope
Your character really reminds me of Gretchen Wieners (Lacy Chabert) in "Mean Girls." Did you have anyone in mind when you
I'm not mad at Lena Dunham, creator of the new HBO show Girls. She wanted to write about her life -- which is filled with white folks -- and people gave her some money to do it. Her voice is a new voice for television.
The show is not without shocking scenes, and while Lena has given her character a lot of the onscreen nudity, Marnie's masturbation
Lena Dunham wrote, directed and stars in an indictment of her own spoiled self, and was her own target long before she was the target of this current blast of criticism. She's roasting herself, on HBO, and she's wearing granny panties.
Lena Dunham's "Girls" isn't just a show for young twentysomethings living in New York City; it's a show that offers a little something for everyone. Yes, even men.