"I use a particular formula — a three-person process — for committing my good deeds. No one has ever refused my offer."
The “Red Kettle” isn’t going away. It’s online, and it’s essential.
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Former President Barack Obama put on his Santa hat during a surprise visit to a local children’s hospital.
Practicing Generosity The karmic rewards of giving are considered to be a more preliminary reason for the practice, but nonetheless
I have every good reason to count my blessings by having reminders from great teachers and saints and now one remarkable
How are you going to spread the love this Valentine's Day? Whatever you choose, do it with joy and revel in pleasure, which
It is estimated that 35,000 kids and teens are homeless around Washington State. I had a chance to speak with Julio Cortes
It's now been three months, and we've helped their family find part-time work, translating website copy from English to Arabic, and we learned that they celebrate Christmas and sent them warmth and love in the form of gifts and homemade Christmas cards.
However, there are many of us, as psychologist Ron Kivetz describes, who suffer from hyperopia, or "excessive farsightedness
"There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up." ~ Bernard Meltzer "We make