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Nicole Kidman has used her time in Hollywood to give back and elevate the voices of women in front of the screen and behind the scenes.
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These rappers are giving back in a big way.
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I did not come from a family who gave to charity, or which even thought much about helping other people. After seeing this documentary, I am inspired to give back even more than ever.
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Shoe station manned by volunteers "I came to SPY a year ago when I was pregnant and the amazing staff here began to prepare
Back in his small home province in India, Mangat had witnessed true poverty firsthand. It's why every year he looked for new ways to give back.
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Can I tell you a secret? I've used a food bank. I was a single working mom. My daughter was young and I was struggling to make ends meet.
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Traveling Stories' focus as an organization is on helping low-income kids in America. "Our team is small (one full time employee
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Cheers to you this holiday season, friend. By using your purchasing power for good, you are helping to write a positive story
United Village Transformation (UVT) has been working in Malawi since 2010 with a focus on education, nutrition and women's
Coming on the heels of a still-bitterly divisive election, Veterans Day this year runs the risk of being overshadowed.
Planning Timeframe Written by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, Intentional Insights Co-Founder and President This problematic approach
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Visiting a spa may seem frivolous and self-indulgent, especially with all of the chaos ensuing in the world today. However, we're always told by the airline personnel that in case of emergency be sure to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before we take care of our children. The truth is, we need to be strong so we can help others.
Thousands watched and cheered as this blessedly brilliant Quarter Back from Indiana placed himself in a standout position, at Notre Dame and in the NFL for many years.
Tell me about your time in Liberia in 2004. How did the experience change you? What is the greatest lesson you've learned
Over the last few years, I've been focusing even more on mentorship, specifically in the startup community. People who have worked with me know that I'm passionate about helping startups become trailblazers and giving back to the community, just like we do at our agency, 24Notion.
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It's easy to imagine how a new pair of shoes can improve the day-to-day lives of the homeless, but I did not anticipate how the generosity of strangers could give those less fortunate something equally if not more valuable: HOPE.
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She asked me if I'd ever heard of something called Art Abandonment. I hadn't, but she was correct in guessing that it would
There are certainly complex issues in our child welfare system. But there are also some fairly simple-to-address issues too. To me, this is one of them.