Side note: anything on your list that is fear-based will keep you in the same place, the safety-zone. Keep in mind that true
When Does it Make Sense to Give Up? was originally published on Dues Payments Blog by Miranda Marquit. When you give up, it
Having trouble leaving a crappy situation because you don't want to be a "quitter"? Let's stop the name-calling and start getting real. Here are the reasons why it's totally fine to peace out when the going gets too tough.
We've all heard some version of the saying that begins "when the going gets tough." But the reality is that when things get difficult, even the tough find it very tempting to look for reasons to give up.
Before I go I wanted to leave you with three easy action items you jump on right now to address your situation. Just click
In the final analysis, though sports may teach many good and important lessons, the most important lesson is to advocate for your child, so that she knows she can count on you to be in her court, right or wrong.