As the Chief Operating Officer on the UN Foundation, I spend a lot of time looking at numbers - budgets, KPIs, and more - but
2. Return to Freedom (wild horse sanctuary, matching) 24. Reins of Hope (equine therapy for veterans) 37. Glory Reins (therapeutic
By Sara Margulis, CEO Honeyfund & Plumfund Giving Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the year. It challenges us to look
The best gift of #GivingTuesday could be the way it shifts people's sense of what's possible, awakening an appetite for impact.
Sadly, Hope House was in a serious financial crisis just a few months ago. I had come on shortly before the leadership changed
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It is partially because of #GivingTuesday and partially because of some creative partners at Boncom, who brought us a "doorbuster
Some non-profits use money poorly. Many organizations are ill-equipped. Often, projects hurt more than they help.
What better time than the holiday season to talk about raising generous children?