One company is hoping to make its famous product as green as possible - by swapping glass for wood fiber 🍻♻️
As a member of the National Council on the Arts, the advisory Board to the National Endowment for the Arts and a painter
Every day on simulated Mars when I reach for a light switch I have to think about whether I want to use the power on this
I do windows. Unfortunately, I do them every couple of years, which gives the windows plenty of time to get dirty, and even then it is clear that I don't do them very well because I have always considered the job a pane in the glass.
As more people began to experiment with Glass, one could sense a shift in opinion about Glass and the criticisms were growing louder. I had seen the signs, and now my worst fears were being realized.
A floating glass hotel in the shape of a snowflake is set to be built in Norway.
For more on Ben Young and his artistic process, watch the short video -- created by videographer David Child -- below: Last
But there's something even more annoying about Glassholes, and correspondent Jason Jones got to the heart of exactly what
Despite the minimal protections for victims of drug use and the Islamic Republic's typical manner of glossing over their domestic problems, Iran spends approximately one billion dollars per year on anti-drug operations.
Glass has been pitched as everything from a teaching aid to a tool for runners. But not even Google is so bold as to claim