Adele, Drake and Ed Sheeran all hailed the British grime star's headline performance that featured a video with Jay-Z and a duet with Coldplay's Chris Martin.
At Stonehenge, we kicked things off with some private time (as our filming permission required us to arrive very early). We
West's cover was reminiscent of Jay Z's "Wonderwall" performance in response to Noel Gallagher's criticism of his headlining
The Glastonbury festival of music and performing arts began in 1970 and has been a countercultural icon ever since. For a fleeting moment, money and status take a back seat while shared experience and friendship take over.
While Glastonbury has undoubtedly become more mainstream, it has not lost sight of its origins. Beneath the commercialisation and the hype, its political heart still beats strong.
Same here. Off topic, so many song titles feature the word "Wave" or "Waves" in it. I realize it's in your band name, but